Badger Cub – Wildlife of Britain Series

A graphite and charcoal drawing of a badger cub peering in from the right side of the page and sitting with its right hind leg in the air.
Graphite and Charcoal on paper Approx. 29.7 x 42cm. 250g/m2 Canson Extra-white bristol paper

This cutie is the first in a series of animals that call great Britain their home. I plan to continue the series and so far, my intention is to call the series ‘Wildlife of Britain’. It’s a work in progress.

I enjoyed this drawing because everyday I worked on it, a little more of the cheeky personality came through. I was also experimenting with this one, keeping the background clean and white with just a hint of shadow. This isn’t easy, especially when I pop open the graphite containers and considering the fact that I’m generally a messy desk type person while I’m drawing.

This Badger cub is a copy of a photo I saw on the internet and since then I’ve noticed that many artists have copied it but none post credits to the originator of the image. I am not the originator and will strive to post credit when I find the correct information.