Banish Unhelpful Moods & Emotions!

file1801281015946The medical profession sometimes likes to refer to moods and emotions that aren’t particularly helpful as mood disorders.  They use other labels too such as major depression, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Mania, even Over Inflated Egomania…and there are many more.  In many cases I find such labels unhelpful and they do little to work out an effective course of action.

The way that we think about things has an impact on our mood, anxiety and stress levels. We all have unhelpful thoughts about a lot of things.  Many of these thoughts, however, occur outside of our control and can be negative or unhelpful. Even though we may believe a lot of our unhelpful thoughts when we are feeling low, anxious or stressed, it’s good to remember that they are often based on wrong assumptions.

Various forms of talking therapy can help you look at the different situations that you find yourself in and to understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviours around that situation. Your thoughts, emotions, physical symptoms and behaviour can all influence one another and therefore help to maintain unhelpful moods.

Together, we’ll work out if you are thinking about things in an unhelpful or unrealistic way and make positive changes. 

In a helpful, relaxing hypnotic state of being you can learn to see through the fog, see things in a more realistic light and that will automatically improve your mood and reduce your anxiety or stress levels.

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