More FAQs – Hypnocoaching

What is Hypnocoaching?

As one of the more cutting edge and specialist disciplines, Hypnocoaching takes the best techniques and approaches from the very successful worlds of coaching and hypnotherapy and blends them together.  It’s this new, blended approach that achieves the best results.  Only those with a deep coaching background and wealthy hypnotherapy knowledge can hypnocoach effectively; it’s this approach that sets us apart from many other ‘more traditional’ therapies.

We firmly believe that you already hold the answers to your questions.  Only you are the expert in your life or your business and so our role is to help you to release those answers, use them and go on to be successful in whatever you may choose to do.

Finally, Hypnocoaching should NOT to be confused with counselling, mentoring or teaching.

What can I expect from you as my coach?

Your therapist will facilitate the coaching dialogue and will use a number of appropriate tools to do this, whether that be through asking you a range of thought provoking questions that empower you to organise your thinking and identify clear actions or the use of hypnosis or NLP, or all three.  Good therapists and coaches are very comfortable with silence and won’t let you off the hook when things get hard. 

Ideally our conversations will:

  • Help you clarify specific goals or targets
  • Assist you in working through obstacles
  • Be absolutely realistic
  • Utilise a range of ‘tools’ and cutting edge techniques to assist the above

All of our conversations will always be completely and absolutely confidential and will remain so long after you (and your coach) have moved on in your life.

Where will you coach me?

Typically, we coach personal clients face to face, over the phone or via webcam.

Being an international therapist and coach, Shaun’s face to face coaching is often impractical.  He visits South East Asia regularly and appointments can be made in advance.  Depending on your location, face to face sessions might attract additional costs to cover time and travel expenses.

How long does a session last?

This largely depends on you.  As a general rule, coaching fees are based on a 1 hour session. You can earn a healthy discount if you book a series of sessions in advance.  We are always flexible and will always work to your needs. Please see the Appointments and Fees page for more information.

How frequently should I have a session?

This is something we’ll discuss in your initial consultation, but it really is your call; whatever works for you. I have clients who prefer weekly sessions, others once a month.

Some of my clients have found that weekly sessions do not provide them with enough time to follow up on actions whereas others have found that they lost focus by leaving a month between sessions. If you’re not sure what is right for you, we’ll work it out together – no pressure.

If you purchase a programme of sessions, you will have the added benefit of unlimited email support between each session.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

Again, we’ll agree this in your initial consultation.

Ultimately we’re aiming to get to a stage where you learn to help yourself. This takes some clients longer than others.  You might like to return for ‘refresher’ or ‘energiser’ sessions at some point.  Hypnocoaching is not generally a permanent relationship and we certainly won’t string you along just to get another session out of you.