I know you would have done your
research by now and might well feel a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice out there; nowadays it seems like there’s a Coach, Hypnotherapist or Complimentary Therapist on every street corner. However, there are Coaches…and then there are Coaches (same applies to Therapists of  all kinds).  So, to make your decision easier, here are just 3 great reasons you should choose Specialist Coaching to move your life forward.

1. Complementary Consultation:

Why is this good for you?  Well, complimentary consultations carry no obligation at all and are designed to put your mind at rest.  Maybe you’ve never seen a Coach, never been hypnotised, spoken to a therapist of any kind or might even need to work something out financially, so it’s really good to talk through all of your concerns up front.  I offer this service as an indication that I’ll always strive to do the right thing by you and never use high pressure sales techniques to force you into embarking on any kind of treatment plan.

2. Unique Treatment Plan:

Why is this important?  Many coaching sessions and therapies, not just Hypnotherapy, follow quite a rigid process and often work to a particular diagnosis or ‘label’.  Put simply, I don’t like labels.  I believe that everyone retains their right to be an individual; who am I to judge anyway? Because I recognise the person in you, I take great pains to move away from ‘one size fits all’ and will tailor your treatment plan absolutely to you each and every time.  I know there is no other way to ensure effective and lasting results.

3. I’m Not Driven by Profit:

Why bother to state this?  Well, quite simply because it’s true.  Without getting into the ins and outs of my business plans, I do OK thanks. Since I started out I have found it hard to reconcile charging extortionate fees with helping people.  I’ve tried it and did OK at it, but common sense and moral compass brought me back to where I am today.  My fees are always competitive and not over the top.  More importantly, I work hard to treat you in the least number of sessions possible without compromising quality. I also take pride in not allowing financial hardship to restrict necessary treatment. 

I’m based around the Kent area and often travel further afield if needed.  I offer a fully confidential and professional service using the best and most effective Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypnocoaching techniques.


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